Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How do you wear rain boots?

Do you wear your shoes inside of them or not? Ohh they are rubber...

How do you wear rain boots?
Reply:on your feet
Reply:No shoes inside, but do tuck your jeans inside
Reply:It depends on the kind you buy. some are ment to wear with shoes and some without.

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Has anyone ever bought rain boots from before?

How much is shipping and handling? They won%26#039;t tell me until after I give all my information. I%26#039;m looking at a pair that cost $19.99.

Has anyone ever bought rain boots from before?
No, I%26#039;m sorry I have%26#039;nt.

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What stores sell cute rain boots?

i don%26#039;t wanna be mean but rain boots are never cute. u can try target ( that%26#039;s my opinion)

What stores sell cute rain boots?
Zappos is a huge online shoe store and they have many rain boots. Here is a link:
Reply:Nordstroms. They start selling them close to summer vacation beacause a lot of people go to sleep away camp and just vacations in general.
Reply:Walmart, Target, and farming type store. Also you can check E-bay. Good Luck.
Reply:acshlly this might weird but try tractor supply there in the clothing and there about 1 or2 selves of them....... hope this helps!!
Reply:i dont know your definition of cute but i tried my best type in rain boots they have some cute ones if you scroll down a little
Reply:J. Crew has the most adorable Wellies this season...but I still believe that nothing beats a pair of classic Burberry Wellies. :) Hope you find some cute ones!

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Where can I buy yellow rain boots?

for men?

I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything even remotely close to what Im looking for.

Unfortunately my feet are too big to just buy a pair of womens shoes. Which I was honestly considering a moment ago.

Where can I buy yellow rain boots?
Dude...I feel your pain. I%26#039;ve been looking quite literally everywhere online for yellow wellies. The closest I%26#039;ve come is the expensive (but totally worth it due to the quality) Hunter Originals. Unfortunately, I am a mens%26#039;s size 12 (and due to the rather snug fit in the calf of Hunters I have to take them in a 13), so I was limited to choices of black, navy, forest green and brown, or by going to I managed to find merlot (burgundy) and red. I opted for the red so I could stand out in the crowd a little, but I was disappointed that I could not get my size in yellow. (Hunters are unisex size but the other colors they make, which include yellow, only run up to a mens%26#039; size 9, which they market as a womens%26#039; 10). I actually contacted a Hunter rep via email and was told that they don%26#039;t offer the other colors in larger sizes due to lack of demand. So if you can squeeze into a size 9 and are willing to drop 100 clams on rain boots, then go to zappos. Otherwise, you%26#039;re out of luck I%26#039;m afraid, unless you%26#039;d prefer those bulky yellow pvc overshoes that you see contstrucition workers %26amp; road crew guys wear - you can get those at Farm %26amp; Fleet for like 20 bucks.
Reply:i agree with J I L L urban out fitters

also MAYBE j crew(in the winter)

and your local hardware store(who knew)
Reply:Duh the yellow rain boots store. How about ebay or amazon.
Reply:Google it.

Yellow rain boots are vintage but original so I would personally try either Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.
Reply:kohls mervins walmart costco berlingtoncoat factory for sure
Reply:Well, you could search on Google shopping, or on ebay:

Good luck and I hope this helped.

in vibrant yellow...but they r for women :[
Reply:get a life

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Where can i order online funky rubber rain boots?

it rains alot in israel and its flooded and slippery

Where can i order online funky rubber rain boots?
i dont know, but see if you can find some pink ones


Do you wear rain boots when you log into Answers?

Because the B.S. that goes on in here is unreal!

Do you wear rain boots when you log into Answers?
Thigh Highs do it for me, sometimes wearslicker when in a sh*t kicking contest. I don%26#039;t do the guys Pi*sing contest (who can pi*s furthest) not built right, it would run down my boots!
Reply:full on waders, rain boots aren%26#039;t high enough
Reply:gosh! i hope you are wrong, cause i dont even go to school anymore this is my only source of education
Reply:I wear my sh*t kickers
Reply:I usually surf naked. Sometimes it sucks, though, cause like I%26#039;ll be eating pretzels or something, and then they fall on the chair, and get stuck in and/or on my butt. Its kind of annoying. Like stupid questions.
Reply:No.........That%26#039;s a strange question.
Reply:Sometimes, a snorkel can be really beneficial.
Reply:Nope, cause I know this is just to pass the time. Quite honestly, if I don%26#039;t want to deal with any B.S. I can just sign-off of Yahoo! or go to another website. It%26#039;s that easy for me, but some people enjoy the drama.

Good Luck!
Reply:No, but that%26#039;s a good idea. I%26#039;m going to start.

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I like these rain boots, what do you think?

I am a man and I think they could be unisex

I like these rain boots, what do you think?
they are ugly i would not get them :-(
Reply:sorry to tell you this,but your link does not Work!
Reply:Your link doesn%26#039;t work.
Reply:CUTE! I %26lt;3 them. i think you could wear them if you wore jeans over them. but they are a but pricey.
Reply:There sooo cute !!! i love them!!
Reply:they look cheap (i know they aren%26#039;t, i%26#039;m saying they LOOK cheap) and i don%26#039;t think they can be unisex...get them in a darker color.
Reply:i wouldnt wear them, but if your able to pull them off get them, one of my friends has something like that and they look great on her
Reply:no... if the site says it%26#039;s for women, it%26#039;s for women.